Frederick Hekkelberg Moderne Biere

frederick hekkelberg duke of budapest

Duke of Budapest

Our Duke of BDPST project is the summit of the last decade of Budapest craft-brewing, inspired by the excellence of the creative minds behind it. Celebrating the unique creativity of Budapest in general, and spreading the news about it throughout the world!

in production

New England Style IPA

egy miliárd megavatt ipa

Egy milliárd megavatt

The best IPA of the early years of Yeast Wörks. The 7% double IPA was brewed based on the recipe of Zoltán Roth, hopmagician brewer. One Billion Megawatts is the capacity of an imaginary Hungarian Nuclear Plant. The name was inspired by the nuclear energy debate that was an important question at the time.

Nuclear IPA it was – not only in its name. We have seasoned One Billion Megawatts with some ginger but not for its taste, but its spicy character so as to cause a gentle buzz on the tongue. As if we were licking an old fashioned battery. Or a plutonium-stick.

mR_fr0g(17766)3.5Apr 3, 2016 “Keg at the marionette craft beer house, Budapest. Clear amber coloured pour with a lasting sticky off white head. Aroma is caramel biscuity malts, spicy citrus, rye bread. Flavour is composed of dirty caramel grainy, rye, burnt orange rind, spicy citrus. Toasted pine needles. Assertive semi rough hop bitterness. Palate is semi sweet, sticky hop resin, highish carbonation. “

not in production

Double IPA

Frederick Hekkelberg Black Mamma

Black Mamma Americano

An easy-drinking, light version – summer edition if you like – of classic Black Mamma. A bottle of this easy-going stout contains about one strong cup of espresso. It’s a refreshing, dry beer, with a touch of sweetness, a bit of coffee tartness and some hop-bitterness in the finish.

Black Mamma Americano is a good choice for daylight drinking – when we need some alcohol but do not want to get sleepy or tired. Or as a starter for a long night. It makes a wonderful beerpair for sweets. It goes perfectly with chilli con carne – which will be grateful if we pour some to it while cooking.

Black Mamma Americano is a perfect party-beer at the same time! It is infinitely sippable due to its refined and relaxed harmony of tastes. Its never too much but never gets boring due to it’s complexity.

Coming again in 2020

Coffee Stout

black mamma original

Black Mamma Original

Black Mamma Classic is an easy drinking black coffee-stout with moderate bitterness and overwhelming coffee-nose – only for coffee-lovers. Its deceptively easy to to drink it, but in every pint there are two cups of espressos play hide and seek. It’s a dynamic beer. Despite its 6% of alcohol, is prone to be drank till the morning.

Black beer and coffe are natural friend, since black malt and black coffee are both essentially roasted grains – the proteins of which are caramellized by Maillard reaction to produce similar tastes. No wonder people substituted expensive coffee with roasted malts to brew something like a coffee in hard times.

Black Mamma Classic is the outcome of years of brewing experiments conducted by Yeast Wörks and Hara Punk at Corvinus University Beer Faculty. The coffee element was provided by Lumen Coffee.

pityu(726)4.0Dec 18, 2015, On tap @ Főzdefeszt 2015 summer – “Opaque black colour, medium creamy tan head, good retention and lacing. Fine coffee and cocoa aromas, a bit ashy, some earthy and herbal hops. Rich, creamy coffee taste, sophisticated roastiness, chocolate, some herbal bitterness. Medium body, soft carbonation, velvety texture. Very pleasant, well balanced coffee stout.”

not in production

Coffee Stout