magnification of PACMAD model for usability review metrics using direct question Metrics (GQM) retrieve Amman Arab university

Usability measurement is tedious work, particularly for current intellectual mobile devices. afterward an increasing power for greater user interactivity through a range of tasks and Private Universities in jordan a variety of contexts during time, the importance and impact of mobile device context-of-use components is of particular incorporation to researchers. PACMAD was introduced as collect usability model for mobile applications to evaluate usability based on usability factor; user, context of use, and task. PACMAD model identified the usability attributes without taking into account joined low level metrics which represents each attribute. Thus, there is a obsession to be elongated to enlarge relative low level metrics in accessory to usability attributes. This motivates us to performed gather together literature change to total studies that study mobile applications Private Universities in jordan order to find validated usability evaluation metrics based upon PACMAD model attributes by applying mean question Metrics (GQM).

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