Tip your Pub with HEKKELBERG!

Now is the time to stay at home. But if we want to go out after this crisis to have another good beer again, we have to give a hand to our pubs so they survive and when the time comes start again.
Here you can order 0,3 L bottles of Hekkelberg beers to your doorstep while tipping your favourite pub on the go!
For each box you order, we give 1 liter of Hekkelberg beer (Pils or Fux) to your chosen pub, so that when the time comes, they can restart with fresh beer.

We hope that it will happen soon – until then stay alive, stay strong, stay together!


Send HEKKELBERG to your heroes!

The old heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and even Captain America are nowhere to be found. Today, we have new and real heroes: you know them – they are your neighbours, friends, and even strangers who still go to work to ensure that life does not stand still for you (and for us either).
Think of them and thank them – with us you can send a box of HEKKELBERG beer to your personal hero.
At checkout, give the name (s) or profession and address of your heroes or simply the address of the office/location/station where they work.

For example:
My heroes work here:
Berlin Fire Department – Central office building (administration, staff, central service)

Voltairestr 2, 10179 Berlin

Link to clinics and hospitals: https://www.kliniken.de/krankenhaus/deutschland/ort/berlin
Link to fire service stations: https://www.berliner-feuerwehr.de/ueber-uns/standorte/
Link to police stations: https://www.berlin.de/polizei/dienststellen/

In order to protect our personal hero delivering your beers, we only deliver the boxes to the (house / office / office) doorstep or to a reception. The boxes are addressed to your heroes, but so that we do not disturb your heroes in their work, we do not require them to take over the boxes personally.



Frederick Hekkelberg Pils and Fux available in 0.33l bottles in following countries: Germany, Finland

Frederick Hekkelberg Duke of Budapest already available!
In Hungary and Germany only. In Germany only on Tap!