Hekkelberg Beers

F. Hekkelberg PILS

is a 4% easy-drinking golden pils with a full taste you wouldn’t expect from such a light body. Its masculine hoppiness is decorated with an impish perfuminess that makes this drink alluring to all regardless of age or sex. Its low alcohol, light body and harmonic carbonation makes it majestically drinkable for those not used to drinking volumes or are conscious about their weight.

F. Hekkelberg FUX

is a 4,7% easy-drinking amber lager. Elegantly placed caramel malts provide its silky, winter heart-warming character, balanced by moderate hopping. Not exactly sweet, nor exactly bitter, its really easily drinkable as a noble Himalayan tea. Its light body and elegant carbonation makes its drinkable in volumes, while its caramel taste and medium alcohol-content provides a little extra that makes it a perfect winter beer.

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F. Hekkelberg WÜLF


F. Hekkelberg DAXLI